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Diamond of Roca Joiers

100% natural diamonds

from carbon to diamond

Roca always uses 100% natural diamonds, extracted from nature, after a process that lasts millions of years, in which molten rock from the earth's mantle finds the right pressure and heat, to transform carbon into diamond.

Free from conflict and respectful of human rights

All Roca diamonds come from legal sources and not related to the financing of armed conflicts, in accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations, and from countries that adhere to the 'Kimberley Process', which certifies their origin and respect for rights humans

Kimberley Process Roca Joiers
Kimberley Process Roca Joiers

The four 'C's' of the diamond

The cut of a diamond refers to how proportionate its dimensions are and its ability to reflect the light that enters it. Roca only sells ideal-cut brilliants, which represent only 3% of all diamonds in the world; whose quality lies in the fact that they reflect most of the light they receive.
Diamonds with higher carat weights are cut from larger, harder-to-find rough crystals, which is why the increase in carat weight of a stone translates into an exponential increase in price.
Diamonds exist in practically every color, but the most common is the white diamond. The assessment of these is given by the absence of color. The more colorless it is, the higher the price. Roca works with colored diamonds between F and G.
The purity of a diamond refers to the evaluation of the presence of small imperfections present both on the surface and inside the diamond, most of which are undetectable to the naked eye.

Roca uses diamonds of the VS1 and VS2 purity, with excellent quality-price, as they have imperfections that are difficult to see with a 10 magnification loupe, thus achieving a good balance.

Roca is committed to sustainability and makes its pieces from recycled gold

Roca recycles gold from old pieces to make new pieces. When this is not enough, he buys it from suppliers who have obtained the certification of the “Responsible Jewellery Council”, which guarantees that this gold has been obtained with total commitment to the planet, the environment and human rights.

Gold is the most malleable of all precious metals. In addition, it is resistant to rust, stains and corrosion. Pure gold is very soft to work with, so it has to be mixed with silver, copper, palladium, zinc and other materials in order to achieve more resistance and durability, thus making it last for generations.

18 carat gold Roca Joiers

Roca's pieces are always made with 1st grade gold

That is, using alloys of white, pink and yellow gold, obtaining 18k pieces, which tells us the purity or the amount of gold the jewel contains. In our case, they are pieces with 75.75% gold.

Maintenance and cleaning so that your Roca jewelry shines like the first day.



Immerse the piece in a mixture of warm water and a grease-dissolving detergent. Avoid using bleach, chlorine, or anti-limescale.


Let the piece rest submerged in warm water and detergent for about 15 minutes.


Scrub the piece with a soft toothbrush trying to remove any remaining dirt.


Dry the pieces with a soft cloth, preferably microfiber.


Apply cosmetics, perfumes or creams before putting on jewelry. In this way we avoid the accumulation of waste in the jewelry.


Avoid touching very abrasive detergents while wearing jewelry.


Avoid wearing jewelry on the beach or in the pool since salt, chlorine and sand can wear out the jewelry.


Store jewelry separately, as it can easily scratch each other, especially jewelry with diamonds.


Keep the chains wrapped in tissue paper, this way we prevent them from getting tangled.


Store rose gold pieces with an anti-moisture ball envelope to prevent oxidation and create a less corrosive environment inside the jewelry box.


White gold Roca Joiers

The care of white gold

If your white gold piece no longer shines like it used to and the color has deteriorated, it is possible that the outer layer of rhodium that gives it its bright white appearance has gone away due to wear and tear. In this case, it must be polished and coated with rhodium, a very white metal used to give white gold pieces an extra white finish.

The duration of rhodium in jewelry usually varies according to the type of jewelry and the use that each person gives it. In rings, rhodium usually lasts less than in pendants or earrings due to the rubbing of our fingers with everything we handle throughout the day. Roca recommends performing an annual rhodium bath on the rings so that they always shine like the first day.

Gold Roca Joiers Gold Rosa Roca Joiers

The care of yellow gold and rose gold

In the case of rose or yellow gold pieces, the maintenance is much lower. When you notice that the piece is very scratched or that it is losing its luster, go to the jewelry store where the piece will be polished so that it looks like new again.